What is Whole-Home WiFi (WHOW)?

Whole-Home WiFi (WHOW) is the ability of an in-home WiFi network to provide connectivity everywhere in and around the home, at high speeds.

Historically, a single WiFi router was used to connect the home to the Internet, as well as enable communications between different home devices such as computers, laptops, and printers. Usually the WiFi router was placed at the home-office, den or just the single most popular space at home for using Internet.

Then came smartphones and tablets. This meant Internet had to be accessed not just in one space, but everywhere people dwell.

And then came the proliferation of connected devices - such as smart TVs, thermostats, security cameras, smart home lighting and shutters and many many more - and WiFi connectivity had to cover every room in the home, and for some homes - even outside the home (e.g., the back yard, pool or garage).

To address all of these needs, a good WHOW solution is required to:

  • Support all WiFi enabled devices - older and newer, with low-cost WiFi radios or the latest most advanced radios, using all spectrum bands
  • Provide strong WiFi signal - everywhere in and around the home
  • High WHOW grade: deliver consistently high Internet speeds - as close as possible to the subscribed ISP speeds - as well as low latency everywhere in and around the home

To help you ge the best WiFi for your home we test and publish comparative test results of WHOW Solutions, such as:

WHOW Grade

A WHOW solution can be assigned a grade to describe its overall performance addressing the WHOW requirements.

A WHOW grade takes into consideration the ability of the product or solution to deliver high speed Internet everywhere in the home.

The WHOW grading system consists of the following grades:

  • A - very good performance
  • B - good performance
  • C - fair performance
  • D - poor performance
  • F - unsatisfactory performance

However, as every home is different, the WHOW grade is mostly useful in two situations:

  • Comparing two or more WHOW products tested in the same lab environment under same test conditions
  • Measuring the WHOW grade - for a specific WiFi home network - for assessing the need for an upgrade / renewal

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