Speed Test WiFi Analyzer


Android Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TVs

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Quick Internet Speed Test

• download and upload speeds •
• rx and tx WiFi phy speeds •
• ping rtt range & jitter •
quick internet speed test

Detailed Speed Tests

• detailed stats for RSSI, phy speeds, local and Internet pings, DNS name queries performance and much more •
• possibility to test between two analiti devices on the same LAN (Ethernet or WiFi) •
• supports testing against a specific server on the LAN - http, ftp or iPerf3 •
detailed internet speed test

Wireless Coverage Analyzer

• comparative analysis of network performance between multiple locations •
• extensive performance stats for every location and every network used •
coverage analyzer

WiFi Networks Scan List

• detailed list of networks and signals •
• elaborate filtering by spectrum, channels, technologies, security types, channel widths •
• export WiFi scans as PCAPng files to compatible apps such as Wireshark, Intuitibits WiFi Explorer Pro 3 or AccessAgility WiFi Scanner
• upload and open generated PCAPng files using compatible cloud services such as QA Cafe's CloudShark or Arista Networks Packets
• use as a remote WiFi scanning sensor and stream generated PCAPng records in real time to apps such as Wireshark or WiFi Explorer Pro 3
wifi networks

WiFi Channels Spectrum Map

• for the 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz bands •
• mark beacon channel for every signal for easy detection of CCI and ACI •
• show airtime utilization, signal counts and client counts for every channel •
wifi channels

WiFi Signal Analyzer

• real time operational and configuration information •
• listing all other signals using the same channels for easy detection of CCI and ACI •
• including a detailed decode of all IEs broadcasted •
wifi signal analyzer

Ping & DNS Speeds Analyzer

• compare ping and DNS stats for multiple concurrent targets •
• with built-in target lists such as popular DNS providers and cloud data centers •
• ability to configure own target lists, and set pinging load •
wifi channels

Handover/Roaming Analyzer

• show vertical and horizontal handovers (roaming events) for WiFi and mobile cellular networks •
• clearly mark events on a timeline •
wifi channels