What is the Best WiFi Router?

The best WiFi router for your unique home must fulfill both criteria:

  • Support the Internet speed you pay to get from your ISP
  • Deliver the ISP speed (or at least close to it) everywhere you need WiFi at home (don't forget your WiFi enabled things, like smart TVs, WiFi thermostats, etc.)

However, every home is different:

  • Size matters - a router that may perform perfectly well in a small apartment, may struggle to cover a large single-family home
  • Building material matters - sending WiFi signals across rooms and floors is a challenge, especially if the building is made from steel and concrete
  • Density of other routers matter - if you have many neighbors, your router's signal can get "lost in the crowd" by the time it gets to where you need it

That's why we extensively test multitude of WiFi routers, mesh network systems and range extenders to get the real picture of what they can really deliver. And we share our test result with you, of course.

You can dive into our test results and methodology, or just use two number we provide - price (of course) and our rating (which says what's the Internet speed the product supported as a % of the speed the ISP provides - averaged all over locations in our lab)

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