What is a WiFi Dead Spot?

A WiFi Dead Spot is a room or an area in your home where your WiFi network's signal doesn't reach, or even if it does - it's not strong or clear enough to establish or maintain a stable high speed connection.

There are many reason why your home may have WiFi Dead Spots:

  • The place where your WiFi router is installed is too far from the dead spot
  • There are obstructions - multiple walls, for example - between the WiFi router and the dead spot
  • The WiFi router is somewhat older and cannot cope with interference from neighbour WiFi networks in your dead spot
  • Your home is simply too large - in floors, levels or even in one level - to cater for with one WIFi router

To address the challenge of WiFi Dead Spots you may consider a Whole-Home WiFi Coverage solution.

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