How To Test Internet Speed and WiFi Speed Simultaneously

1. Understand Internet Speed

Internet Speed is the speed in which an Internet server and a user device exchange data (for example - 10 Mbps or Megabits per Second)

Internet "speed" is in fact two distinct speeds - a "Download Speed" (the speed of data sent from a server to a user device) and an "Upload Speed" (the speed of data a user device sends to a server).

Rules of Thumb

Factors impacting Internet Speed

  • Subscribed tier with the ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Current load (i.e., data sent from all servers and user devices) at each and every component along the way
  • Technology capabilities of all components along the data path - server, user device, routers, interconnections, wireless medium (e.g., WiFi, Cellular 3G/4G/5G)

2. Understand WiFi Speed

WiFi Speed (also called "WiFi Phy Speed") is the maximum speed that a WiFi router and a user device can send data to each other at a given moment.

Phy speed can change from one second to another.

Rules of Thumb

Factors impacting WiFi Phy Speed

  • WiFi signal strength
  • External interference to the WiFi Signal
  • WiFi spectrum band
  • Router and device WiFi technology and capabilities

When Internet is served over WiFi - Internet speeds are limited by the WiFi phy speed.

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3. Speed Test Internet and WiFi Simultaneously

As WiFi phy speed impacts your Internet speed (when you use WiFi) - it's important to test both together.

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