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Quick Internet Speed Test

• download and upload speeds •
• rx and tx WiFi phy speeds •
• ping range •
quick internet speed test

Detailed Internet Speed Test

• with detailed stats for RSSI, Phy speed, local and Internet pings, and much more •
detailed internet speed test

Wireless Coverage Analyzer

• quick and easy to use (no need for floor plans) •
coverage analyzer

WiFi Networks Scan List

• detailed list of networks and signals •
wifi networks

WiFi Signal Analyzer

• real time operational and configuration information •
wifi signal analyzer

WiFi Signals Decoded

• decoded IEEE 802.11 beacon information elements (inc. 802.11ax) •
wifi signal analyzer decoded beacons

WiFi Signals Modelled

• automatic generation of WiFi Signal's Phy Models linking RSSI to Rx/Tx Phy Speeds •
• used to analyze the source of Phy Speed losses - weak signals or additional local conditions (such as interference) •
wifi signal analyzer phy models

WiFi Channels Spectrum Map

• for the 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz bands •
wifi channels

iPerf3 Client

• TCP and UDP tests to iPerf3 compliant servers •
iperf3 client

iPerf3 Server

• TCP and UDP tests from iPerf3 compliant clients •
iperf3 client