WiFi Analyzer, Speed Tester & Connectivity Validator

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WiFi Scanner

  • Unmatched level of detail for every signal / AP
  • Support for WiFi:
    • Technologies: Wi-Fi 7/802.11be, Wi-Fi 6E/802.11ax in 6GHz, Wi-Fi 6/802.11ax, Wi-Fi 5/802.11ac and older
    • Channel widths: 320MHz, 160MHz, 80+80MHz, 80MHZ, 40MHz, 20MHz
    • Spectrum bands: 6GHz, 5GHZ and 2.4GHz
    • Transmit power classes: Standard Power (SP), Low Power Indoor (LPI) and Very Low Power (VLP)
  • Grouping by SSID, AP names or primary channel
  • Filtering by factors such as SSID patterns, BSSID patterns, AP name patterns, MBR, used channels (primary or secondary), signal strength, security, technology, channel width
  • Real-time charts of signal strength, RX/TX speeds and MCS index
  • Dissection of beacon information elements for all capabilities & operation state
  • Export to PCAP and CSV files
  • Stream PCAP of WiFi scans in real time (i.e., remote WiFi sensor) to compatible apps such as Wireshark
WiFi Networks screen

WiFi Channels Spectrum Map

  • CCI, ACI & OBSS counting for every channel
  • Load information - number of clients & airtime utilization
  • Indication of primary channel for 40/80/160 & 320 MHz wide signals for quick interference detection
  • Lowest MBR in the channel
  • Show 6GHz signals (Wi-Fi 6E/Wi-Fi 7) even in non-6GHz devices
WiFi Channels screen

Validation Testing Checklists

  • Predefined checklists for WiFi, Ethernet & Cellular testing
  • Customize checklist step types, order, PASS/WARN/FAIL conditions
  • Multiple step types such as
    • WiFi & Cellular connected signal type and identity
    • WiFi & Cellular connected signal spectrum characteristics
    • WiFi & Cellular connected signal quality indicators
    • RTT for Echo(Ping), DNS name queries, TCP connection setup (on any port)
    • VoIP analysis (embedded UDP Echo server) including eMOS calculation according to ITU-T G.107
    • Speed Testing using multiple methods, including iPerf3 (embedded client and server), M-Lab NDT7, HTTP(S) and FTP
  • Detailed PDF summary reports
Validator screen

Validate Remote User Connectivity

  • Custom validation checklists can be sent to remote users
  • Once executed on the remote user device – the remote user is prompted to send the PDF report back to the original sender
  • The PDF report contains detailed step results, but also PCAP file with the WiFi scan session and connectivity events
Validator PDF Prompt dialog

Roaming & Handover Analysis

  • Analyze WiFi roaming between multiple signals of the same network, or between different networks
  • Analyze inter-technology vertical (Cellular <-> WiFi) handovers
  • Identify the conditions of both signals before and after transitions (e.g., signal strength, RX/TX phy speeds and MCS index) as well as transition timing
  • Analyze the impact of the transition on connection performance - Internet speed, HTTP connection setup RTT, Ping RTT
Handover Analyzer screen

Coverage Analysis

  • Comparative analysis of connection performance in multiple locations
  • Extensive stats for every location and every connection used
Coverage Analyzer screen

PCAP Viewer

  • View last WiFi scan, or open any PCAP file
  • Use Wireshark/Tshark compatible display filters (-Y) to narrow down records shown
  • Use Wireshark/Tshark compatible field list specifiers (-e) to customize header columns
PCAP Viewer screen