WiFi mesh network

Amped ALLY Plus

ALLY Plus Whole Home Smart Wi-Fi System
Amped ALLY Plus

Amped ALLY Plus
Key Features (as described by the manufacturer)
  • Wi-Fi Coverage for your Entire Home and Backyard up to 15,000 sq ft - With high power amplifiers and high gain internal antennas, ALLY blankets every inch, nook, cranny and corner of your home with powerful Wi-Fi that reaches beyond your expectations.
  • Limit What Kids See with Advanced Parental Controls - ALLY is your friend on the home front, making it easy to manage where kids can go online. Simply block access or limit use of content, websites or apps using your mobile app.
  • Schedule Online Time with Curfews - With ALLY's advanced Parental Controls, you can set individual Wi-Fi schedules for each of your children. And even pause the Internet when you need their undivided attention.
  • Gain Visibility with Website Activity Logs - See clearly what kids are up to online with a list of websites visited and which ones ALLY blocked. Discover how to adjust your Parental Controls to enforce house rules.
  • Stay on High Alert with Notifications - You want to trust kids, but they're curious, as are their friends. ALLY notifies you if anyone attempts to access restricted content, so you can stay informed and at ease.
  • Protect your Home with Web protection by AVG® - Your family's privacy deserves the best online protection. Keep your entire Wi-Fi network and all your devices safe from malware with powerful, built-in Web protection by AVG.
  • More Streaming with Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi Speeds - With ultra-fast, AC1900 whole home Wi-Fi, everyone in your family can actually stream HD and 4K videos and games on multiple devices at once – with no buffering delays.
  • Roam Seamlessly Throughout your Home with your Device - ALLY knows you rarely sit still, even at home. Feel free to move from one room to another – even outside and back – with a single network connection and no fear of dead zones or interruptions.
  • More Streaming for Everyone with MU-MIMO Technology - Standard routers and extenders stream data to one device at a time. ALLY is built with MU-MIMO technology that delivers more speed by serving data to multiple devices at once.
  • Share Files Faster with USB 3.0 - Built with a USB 3.0 port, you can attach a USB storage device to ALLY and everyone on the network can access the files. Share and save files quickly, with ease, and even access them remotely via FTP.

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