WiFi mesh network

Asus MAP-AC1300 (3-pack)

Lyra Home WiFi System
Asus MAP-AC1300 (3-pack)
WHOW grade
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Asus MAP-AC1300 (3-pack)
Key Features (as described by the manufacturer)
  • Banish Wi-Fi Dead Spots – The tri-node system delivers perfect Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of your home
  • Smooth Connections, Always – As you move around your home, you’ll always be automatically connected to the best possible signal
  • Commercial-grade Security – AiProtection blocks security threats to protect all devices on your home network
  • You’re in Control – The ASUS Lyra app allows no-fuss setup, lets you manage bandwidth and informs you instantly about any technical problems
  • Family Overview – The feature lets you easily view and control each family members’ internet and app usage from your mobile device

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