WiFi mesh network

Asus MAP-AC2200 (3-pack)

Lyra Home WiFi System
Asus MAP-AC2200 (3-pack)

Asus MAP-AC2200 (3-pack)
Key Features (as described by the manufacturer)
  • Three (3) Tri-band 802.11AC WiFi hubs with MU-MIMO Technology, each delivering data speeds up to 2134 Mbps
  • Coverage for Large Homes with Lyra hubs providing corner to corner wireless coverage for WiFi enabled devices across your connected smart home
  • Commercial-grade Security with AiProtection powered by Trend Micro blocks external security threats to protect devices connected to your home network
  • Advanced parental controls featuring Family Overview allow you to easily view, manage, and schedule your family’s internet and app usage from any mobile device
  • ASUS Lyra App makes setting up, expanding, and managing your network as easy as 1-2-3

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